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Launch of the 2018 internationalization program



The program for supporting the internationalization of Romanian economic operators, financed by the state budget, was launched by the Ministry of Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship on Monday 10 September 2018 by means of publishing the opening announcement pertaining to the first session.

The program aims at stimulating the business environment by creating new tools for individual promotion of Romanian operators to facilitate their access to foreign markets and the creation of partnerships with a view to internationalization.

The Program finances the participation of Romanian economic operators in international fairs and exhibitions, organized abroad, with display of products / services, as well as participation in economic missions.

The financing is granted to the economic operators in fixed amounts, as flat-rate support, as follows: 25,000 lei for participation in international fairs and exhibitions and 10,000 lei for participation in international economic missions.

The budget allocated to this registration application submission session is 7.8 million lei. The total budget of the de minimis scheme estimated for the period 2017-2020 is 71 million lei and the estimated number of beneficiary companies is 5,000. Funding is provided from state budget funds.

The economic sectors supported under this Scheme are:

  • information technology;
  • food sector;
  • furniture manufacturing;
  • textile industry;
  • research, scientific and medical innovation.

According to the Application Evaluation Grid, companies that selected non-EU areas as target markets – Africa or Asia of priority – having their own brand and a website in an international language, will be awarded additional scores.

I encourage entrepreneurs to apply and launch in international markets. Bureaucracy will be at the lowest possible level, as interaction will be primarily in virtual space. It will be a simple, transparent and easy to settle program”, said Ştefan-Radu Oprea, Minister for the Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

More details on the Ministry for the Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship website –



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