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Minister Ştefan-Radu Oprea’s meeting with Jerzy Kwieczinski, Polish Minister for Investment and Development



Cooperation between Romania and Poland on European topics was at the heart of talks of Minister for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship, Ştefan-Radu Oprea, with the Polish Minister for Investment and Development, Jerzy Kwieczinski.

In this context, the two dignitaries agreed that it is necessary to work together to harmonize positions and multiply experience exchanges in areas such as cohesion policy and the use of European funds, and also to identify solutions to ensure the outstanding economic performance achieved by Romania and Poland.

The sharing of experience relating to the establishment and functioning of the Polish Development Fund, deepening of cooperation in the development of the capital market, extension of North-South infrastructure and relations, as well as in the development of regional projects, especially those identified within the framework of the Three Seas Initiative, was brought into discussion.

In the context of cooperation under the aegis of the Strategic Partnership and the upward trend of the Romanian-Polish economic relations, Minister Ştefan-Radu Oprea insisted for joint actions in order to dynamically balance the trade balance and increase the mutual investments. “By organizing high-level bilateral economic forums, we will create platforms for presenting economic realities and opportunities for cooperation. We need to identify the most effective mechanism of institutional cooperation, create a favorable framework and thus send positive signals to Romanian and Polish business environments”, Minister Oprea said.

In view of taking over the EU Council Presidency, Minister Oprea reviewed Romania’s priorities in the areas of trade policy and business environment. Of particular interest were the Romanian initiatives on the revision of the Small Business Act and the adaptation of principles therein to the digitization trends, the creation of a European network of incubators and business accelerators, the establishment and inclusion of specific start-ups financing instrument in the new multi-annual European financial framework.

Minister Oprea and Minister Kwieczinski also discussed Poland’s proposal to develop and implement a new Macro-regional Strategy to help develop cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.

The meeting of the two dignitaries took place in the margins of the high-level conference titled “An inclusive cohesion policy for a Union closer to citizens”, organized at the Palace of Parliament.

Background information

Poland is an important trading partner of Romania. In 2017, the bilateral exchanges increased by 18.7%, amounting to 6.1 billion Euros, of which 1.96 billion Euros of Romanian exports (+ 18.2% as compared to the previous year, ranked the 8th among the countries of destination of the goods exported, with a share of 5.44%) and 4.12 billion Euros purchases in Poland (+ 18.9% as compared to the previous year, ranked 4th among the countries of origin of imported goods, with a share of 3.13%). Trade balance records deficit (-2.15 billion Euros), with exports / imports ratio of 1/2.

Poland ranks the 18th among foreign investors in our country, with 0.98% of total foreign investment (going up from the 25th position in the first part of 2013). To date, 1,076 companies with Polish capital (0.48%) have been registered in Romania, with direct investments of 431 million Euros.

Lately an increasing interest of the Romanian companies in the realization of investments in Poland is also recorded.


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